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Industry standards use thermal imaging technology to detect termite infestations before and after termite treatment process. it is a high effective and noninvasive method, while also being able to highlight property issues related to electrical faults and leaks. Newboda utilises this termite thermal imaging technology during our termite detection process.

Some of these issues can cost thousands to fix, therefore prevention and early detection is key to avoid such risks.

With Thermal imaging, you will spend less money, less time on inspection and get quick results

Thermal imaging allows us to quickly evaluate a properties infestation, while also confirming results after termite treatment. This technology also allows us to scan large buildings and tight areas which are out of hands reach.

With thermal imaging, nothing is missed, and our licensed technicians will provide a comprehensive report. We also complement our investigation with tapping tick and torc

With Thermal Imaging,

you will spend

less money

less time

on inspection

How does Termite thermal imaging work?

Thermal cameras are able to pick up very minor differences in surface temperatures. As a result of this technology we can now easily detect the areas of concern, so that our technicians can target treatment in the right areas and ensure no areas of termite is missed. We only used the industries best termiticides available in the market, Termidor dust and Termidor soil treatment.

About Termite Inspection

Termite detection refers to the process of identifying the presence and extent of termite infestations in a building or other structure. Termites are small insects that feed on wood and other organic materials, and they can cause significant damage to buildings if left unchecked.

There are several methods for termite detection, including visual inspection, the use of termite detection dogs, and the use of various technologies such as thermal imaging, acoustic detection, and moisture meters. In some cases, a combination of these methods may be used to accurately identify and assess the extent of a termite infestation. Once a termite infestation has been identified, appropriate measures can be taken to eliminate the termites and prevent future infestations.

Termite inspections – a small price to pay

Professional termite inspections are cheap especially when compared to the possible cost of fixing property damage. The CSIRO have recommended annual inspections by qualified termite pest technicians due to the high levels of termite activity in Melbourne and NSW.

A professional termite inspection and treatment takes approximately 3 hours to complete. Utilising the latest technology and backed by our service warranty, you can ensure peace of mind with our quality service.

After completing a thorough inspection we provide you a comprehensive termite detection report which complies with Australian standards. This forms the basis for any proposals deemed advisable to safeguard your home. The report provides answers to such things as:

• Presence and location of old and/or new termite activity

• Confirm the termite species, nests and mode of entry

• The level of damage caused by termite feeding habits

• Confirms your risk factors and provides advice to eliminate infestation sites

• Enables you to make an informed decision regarding recommended treatments

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