Spider Control in Melbourne

spider control

Looking for effective spider control solutions? New Boda expert team offers professional services to help you eliminate spiders from your home or business. Say goodbye to those eight-legged intruders and enjoy a spider-free environment. Contact us today for effective spider control that brings you peace of mind.

Spiders are a commonly found household pest throughout Australia both indoors and outdoors. About twelve different species are commonly found in homes with many more outdoors. Our trained professional spider control technicians can treat spider infestations promptly and effectively.

There are some kinds of spiders which pose significant risk to humans and animals with their venomous bite in Australia such as tarantula, funnel web, red back, and white tail. 

NBD Spider Control Service include:

1. Thorough Inspection
The first step of the process will be for our skilled technicians to perform a thorough internal and external audit throughout your property to uncover ant activity and any possible risks.  We will examine a range of areas to ensure we have full visibility of the issue in order to provide a proper recommendation. 

2. Environmentally Friendly
All our pesticides are safe for families and pets. We also ensure our products are environmentally friendly but still remain very effective against all pests. Results should be instant with ongoing improvements over new few weeks.

spider control


1. Remove all items away from the wall in all rooms so that the technician can access all areas for treatment.

2. Remove all debris from outdoor areas including moist areas also improves the effectiveness of treatment.

How to Prevent Spiders

Controlling their food sources around the home is the most effective technique to get rid of running and jumping spiders. Reducing the number of insects in your home will typically tempt spiders to move elsewhere because they devour insects.

The majority of spiders prefer to congregate near lights because light-attracted flying insects are easier for them to catch in this environment. Turning off the lights at night can help control spider populations.

Thorough weatherproofing of the windows, doors, walls, and foundations can significantly reduce the spider population in your home because spiders almost certainly enter homes through gaps and fissures.

spider treatment