End of Lease Pest Control Melbourne

Ensure a smooth end-of-lease transition with our professional end of lease pest control services. Experienced team from New Boda will comprehensively inspect the property, identify any pest issues, and provide targeted treatments to eliminate pests effectively. With our service, you can meet your lease requirements and leave the premises pest-free, ready for the next occupants. Trust us to handle your exit pest control needs and make your move-out process hassle-free. Schedule our services today for a seamless and pest-free end-of-lease experience.

When you rent a property, your tenancy agreement may require you to perform some pest control activities. Depending upon these special terms, you may be required to have a bedbug or flea pest control treatment, especially if you keep pets on the property. We provides complete end-of-lease pest control services.

End of Lease Pest Control


1. NBD will thoroughly inspect your property and report our findings
2. Our technicians may apply a gel for cockroaches
3. Our technicians may apply a pesticide powder to your roof void, subfloor and in your wall cavities for a range of pests.
4. Our technicians may apply a special surface spray which is approved for Australian conditions.
5. Our technicians may apply an Insect Growth Regulator which helps significantly in reducing cockroach and flea infestations