Ant Treatment

Ant Control

Don’t let ants invade your space. New Boda ant control services provide effective solutions to eliminate and prevent ant infestations in your home or business. Trust our expert team to identify ant entry points, implement targeted treatments, and offer long-term prevention strategies. Say goodbye to the nuisance and potential property damage caused by ants. Contact us today for reliable ant control that restores cleanliness and peace to your environment.

Ants are known to cause significant damage to property as a result of wood, window frames and structural supports being weakened. This damage is caused behind walls, and therefore unseen by the naked eye. Our Ant Control team will set special baits in strategic areas, primarily around passage focuses and near to the ants’ nests. We also offer piece of mind through a one year guarantee on all conducted services in case if treatments were ineffective.

Ant Control

NBD Ant Control Service include:


The first step of the ant controlling process will be for our skilled technicians to perform a thorough internal and external audit throughout your property to uncover ant activity and any possible risks. We will examine a range of areas to ensure we have full visibility of the issue in order to provide a proper recommendation.

2. Environmentally Friendly

All our pesticides are safe for families and pets. We also ensure our products are environmentally friendly but still remain very effective against all pests. Results should be instant with ongoing improvements over new few weeks.

3. Follow-up service

Clients with significant and severe infestations should have their homes treated annually, but we will also provide advice on limiting future infestations.


1. Clear out cupboards and storage space if ants are present

2. Dishes and food should be kept out of the way in a clean area free of ants

3. Empty vanity in bathrooms if ants are present

How to Prevent Ants

Put food in tightly sealed containers.

Food should always be kept in sealed, airtight containers because they deter the majority of common household pests. By limiting access to food supplies, you may prevent ants from getting in and keep out any other pests that might be searching for a food source at the same time.

Keep your home and its surroundings clean.

What one item is essential to every living organism? Naturally, food! While it’s true that you and your family must eat, there is no need to leave behind traces of your meals about the house, as ants are specifically attracted to such things. The most important thing you can do to keep your house clean and to ensure that food products are cleaned up and stored in sealed containers is to keep it free of clutter.

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