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2022 types of pest control services and quotations

General pest controls including:
spiders, ants, cockroaches, moths, beetles, silverfish, bed bugs, fleas, and ticks.

Service #1: Household pest control


What we do:
General household pest control method including spraying pesticides inside of the house and dusting the roof.
While outdoor spraying covered the exterior walls, front and rear yards, fences, ground and other locations of the house. After the spray, the large amount of chemical stays on the surfaces of the outer walls, ground, yards and fences of the house and hence forming a chemical protection shield.
The repelling effect of the chemical itself would naturally stop more pests from getting into your house.
It is recommended to do it 1-2 times a year to achieve the best results of household pest control and protection.

Option 1 – Indoor and outdoor spraying service price:

Studio & Apartment — $250 plus GST
Townhouse — $280 plus GST
House — $320 plus GST
*Additional charges incurred for land size over 1000m2*

Option 2 – Roof cavity chemical dusting services

— $50 plus GST Extra

Note: Option 1&2 are strongly recommended to be done together for first time pest control service as the roof compartment is full of spiders, cockroaches, ants and other pest nests that need to be removed completely.
Since the roof compartment is a relatively enclosed space, the pest control powder will last for 2-3 years. This services may not required for Yearly maintenance up to 2-3 years.


Service #2: Ant Removal


This service includes indoor and outdoor spraying, ant sand and ant baiting systems.

It is targeted at houses that have been experiencing large number of ant invasions and needed a special treatment to get rid of ant problem.

We use specialized insecticide ant baits, this intercept foraging ants that think it is food and take it back to the nest and cross-contaminate the entire colony to eliminate the root of ant issue.

If you have tiny ants at the back of your house around the gardens and lawns and they have not invaded your house, we will recommend the general pest control service directly.

Our team will assess your entire property and provide the professional advice and recommendations that suit you best.

Price: $250 plus GST


Service #3: Household Rodents Pest Control


Option 1 – Indoor Rodents Removal Service (Roof, wall and ceiling) 

This service is designed to solve the problem of rodent infestation inside the house by using 1-2kg of rodenticide to exterminate the entire population of rodents.

After consuming poison, the rodents will suddenly have a strong and unquenchable thirst that will lead them outside, in search of water ¬– where they will eventually die. So they will most likely not die into your house.

Price: $250 plus GST

 Option 2 – Outdoor Rodents Control & protection Services (Yard, garden and outdoor)

This service is designed to rodent proof your house provided that you have resolved the rodent infestation issue indoor.

The bait stations will be placed around the exterior perimeter of your home to minimise the invasion of rodent. Generally, it uses up to 10 big rodents bait stations for each house, the number varies depending on the size of the house.

Price: $350 plus GST including 10 bait stations

$35 plus GST per extra station 

Option 3 – Rat bait station maintenance 

This an extended service to the bait stations that have already been placed in your premise. We do maintenance by refilling the poison in your bait stations.

Generally, the first refill takes about 3 months as the bait stations eat up quickly if there is a rodent infestation around the house. After that, the bait stations should be checked and refilled every 6-12 months. There should be no future infestation of rodents in your house as long as the bait stations are stocked.

Price: $150 plus GST 

Note: Get 10% off when you have Option 1&2 done together!



Service #4: Termite Inspection and Control 


Option 1 – Termite Inspection Service: 

A termite inspection is required for all premises before termite control can be applied.

Professional advice and recommendations will be given in accordance with the condition of the house after getting the results of the inspection. 

Annual termite inspection is required for premises that had done termite control previously in compliance with the requirements of the insurance company.

Hence, this service is also open to clients who have had our termite control service before.

Price: $150 plus GST

Option 2 – Termite Inspection, Removal and Control 

The quote may vary according to the condition of the house and the results of inspection. 

After finding the problem, our team will come up with a custom action plan and quotation for you.


Service #5: Possum Inspection and Removal


Our approach is to fully inspect the house and find the entry points. Once found, we then install a one-way door over the active entry point to allow the possum to leave the roof void, while all other possible entries are sealed. The possum will exit through the one-way door and will then be blocked out. We return a few days (normally 3-5 days) later to remove the door and close off this entry, after ensuring the possums have vacated the ceiling void and not returning. The roof will be fixed.

Price: from $550 plus GST (including fixing 1-3 entry points).

*Prices are subject to change depending on the condition of the house*


Service #6: Cockroaches Removal Services

The service is designed to target at German cockroaches. 
German Cockroaches congregate in warm, undisturbed areas of high humidity. Most infestations are found in kitchens. They may be found under sinks, in and under cupboards and drawers, and around electrical equipment such as refrigerators. They hide in cracks and crevices during the day and feed at night. 
German cockroach is the fastest-reproducing domestic cockroach, their life cycle is about 1-2 months. 
To destroy them we must intervene with their life cycle. Special treatment with IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) is used to disrupt the cockroach to grow and reproduce.
Although they are rarely fatal for adult insects, they can prevent reproduction, egg-hatch, and moulting from one stage to the next.
A follow up treatment is required after 1 month of your first treatment as cockroaches can produce hundreds of eggs during their lifetimes. 
It is likely that some eggs have already been laid at the time of treatment. If the treatment does not kill the roach eggs themselves, it prevents the young from reaching full maturity after they hatch. Therefore, you may see immature cockroaches following treatment. However, these will die without breeding, and soon you will see no more cockroaches at all.
Hence, it takes at least 2 treatments to achieve under control.

Price: Initial Treatment $250 plus GST; 

Follow Up Treatment $150 plus GST 


Service #7: Commercial Pest Control

No call out fee. We provide free on-site evaluation and quotation.

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