Do you require pest control in the Clayton area? Call on NEW BODA PEST & TERMITE SOLUTION

In our busy Melbourne lives who has the time to deal with an invasion of annoying pests? Whether it be ants, rodents, spiders, or termites, NBD Pest and Termite Solution are here to help! Don’t wait another second while these creatures make themselves at home in your home! Call in the professionals and claim your house back today, with the best pest control in Clayton.

Do you suspect an infestation and need termite control in Clayton?

At NEW BODA PEST & TERMITE SOLUTION, we can confirm or squash your fears in one quick visit. Using advanced thermal imaging technology, our qualified pest controllers can detect areas of altered heat activity, alerting to the possibility of termite infestation, and their precise locations. This technology also enables us to ‘see’ in physically hard to reach places too, ensuring you of the most thorough inspection. Termite control in Clayton by NBD is not only practical, it’s super-efficient too, meaning we can get to work faster on treatment solutions for your home.

As Melbourne is a known hotspot for termites in Australia, it is best we get onto the inspection as soon as possible, and use the best termite control in Clayton. Upon inspection and detection, we will put together the most cost-effective plan on moving forward with your termite eradication. Termite control in Clayton procedures do take more than one treatment to be completely effective, and the best course of action for your home will be discussed with you.

Are rats keeping you up at night? You need rodent control in Clayton.

Is there much worse? You crawl into bed after a long hard day, and then it starts. That slight scratching. At first, you try to ignore it and roll over, but it is persistent and continues. By morning you’ve forgotten about it until it all begins the next night again. Bye bye, sleep! Claim your home (and your sleep!) back, and eradicate those pesky rats. At NBD PEST & TERMITE SOLUTION, we can help with rodent control in Clayton. With our experience and training, you’ll have that much-needed sleep back in no time.

Rats not only cause massive damage to materials and property but also spoil and contaminate food. Protect your family and belongings today by calling the best rodent control in Clayton. Our friendly and efficient workers will have the source of your infestation located swiftly and efficiently, jumping straight into developing an environmentally and family friendly rodent control treatment plan for your property.

Don’t put it off any longer. Ease your mind and protect your family now. Call NEW BODA PEST & TERMITE SOLUTION on 300 799 520, and entrust your termite and rodent control to Clayton’s premium pest and termite company. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured, knowing you’re in the best hands.

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